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The Vignerons de la Vicomté market 10 million bottles annually, of which 95% are exported. And thanks to a network representing more than 30 countries worldwide, the Vignerons de la Vicomté can supply products adapted to each market in terms of label design and wine quality.


We have no doubt that you will be enthralled by the many possibilities in the range that has been conceived by you and for you.

Territoires d'Aumelas :


The winegrower’s soul is present and lives on in these blended IGP wines from the Vicomté d’Aumelas.


Warm, fruity and flattering, these are wines to satisfy the palates of consumers looking for contemporary wines and that “undiscovered” wine.


The vines are planted in soils composed of limestone gravel and chalky-marl and marly-limestone from the Secondary and Tertiary eras.


The different wines available are the result of a careful combination of traditional vinification and winemaking technology.

Expressions Cépages :


The Spirit of Southern France is revealed through the individual expression of each grape. The diversity of terroirs therefore transmits unique style to each variety.


Lively and floral white wines; light and fruity rosé wines; supple and spicy red wines that will captivate amateurs of diversified and authentic grape identities… all certified IGP Pays d’Oc.


Each grape variety possesses and expresses an individual style.

Sélections d'Aumelas :


The conquering spirit…or the ambition to find the best adapted plots for the range. An appellation on the way to becoming a quality reference, giving aromatic and seductive wines that will delight amateurs looking for that rare find.


Descending from the limestone garrigues of Aumelas, the vine cultivation zones are defined by their capacity to produce good grapes from varying soils: from recent colluvium and alluvium deposits to sandy-pebbly soils in terraces and passing by ancient limestone hillsides.


The practice of “green harvesting” is done every year to ensure good vine health and to allow best possible ripening for the remaining bunches. The crop itself fully benefits from all the advantages of the sunny Mediterranean climate while the Hérault River provides an indispensable moderating factor for extreme temperatures and source of soil irrigation.


The varietals present in the different blends are vinified separately in the traditional style. The “classic” grape varieties add flexibility and embellishment to the intense characteristics given by varieties of Mediterranean origin.

Les Intemporelles :


The Spirit of tradition is present in each wine of this range. They are appellation wines rendered sublime by aromas of ripe fruit, spices and the garrigue. Each tasting of these wines is unforgettable thanks to the superb structure. In a nutshell these are typical yet revealing wines as they personify the character of the South of France: straightforward, honest and charismatic.


The vineyards are planted in colluvium soils or on alluvium (Villafranchian) terraces – some vines are situated in Grès de Montpellier soils.


Les Vignerons de la Vicomté individually select plots to harvest in order to have only the best fruit for winemaking. Using analytical tools we know which grapes are at optimum ripeness for harvest and are therefore rich in products of photosynthesis (sugar, polyphenols). This concentration will be transmitted to the wine in the form of aromatic intensity, complexity and finesse.


The rosé wines are subject to longer maceration, thus giving more colour, brilliance and greater aromatic intensity - especially of red fruit (strawberries). The red wines undergo a completely traditional maceration. There is also “green” harvesting, ripeness analysis, plot selection, pre and post-fermentation maceration and more in order to obtain intense wines with deep red colouring. The bouquet is also critical; we aim to reveal complex aromas of black fruit and spices. The wines should also demonstrate excellent cellaring potential.


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